Friday, August 23, 2013

This is me, myself, and I continued.

The big bad world of University

Audition. What a terrifying word. At least it was for me when I stepped into that door and saw three people on the panel. These three people would be deciding the fate of my performance career in Ottawa. The most memorable moment of that audition was the huge smile on one of the adjudicator's faces when I walked in. I thought to myself "What a nice lady" and learned that her name is Camille Churchfield, a wonderful flutist hailed from the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. The other adjudicators were the amazing Joanna G'froerer, current Principal Flutist in the National Arts Centre Orchestra, and Robert Cram, a Juilliard alumni and internationally celebrated flutist. They aren't your average Joes, people. All three have a long history of incredible accomplishments and I couldn't be more petrified.

Holy hell I better put on a good show.

As I played through my audition everything seemed to go over smoothly with small hiccups here and there but overall, it went well. I celebrated with Richard and my family shortly afterwards. T'was a good day.

Over the next month I stalked the mail man like a game of cat and mouse. I NEEDED to know the results. As Veruca Salt would say:

On a sunny day in June, I got THE letter.

Joy doesn't even come close to how I was feeling. I was officially accepted in the Baccalaureate of Music (BMus) program. Holy cow.

Next thing you know, I am walking around campus like a hyper 5 year old on Christmas day. My classes were selected and I officially took my big girl steps into university.

I didn't experience living in residence (being a local girl, y know) in my first year so you could say the year 2006 of university was tame compared to others. I began my lessons with Joanna G'Froerer (I was a nervous wreck) and we started on a really good foot. I was like a sponge absorbing all the information I could get. Being surrounded by students with the same aspirations as me was both an amazing and scary thing.

Next chapter on my beginnings- The eye-opening experience of being a university music student.

See ya'll later :)

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