Thursday, August 22, 2013

This is me, myself, and I.

Hello there and welcome to my very first blog post!

Where shall I start? I could go all day talking about my love for Star Wars, beating boys at video games and watching Disney movies but let's be real:

 My real love lies in the realm of music making and the arts community. What better way to join in song and ignite millions of goose bumps around you? 

Yep. That picture sums it up. My goose bumps and I have been great friends since the beginning.

Speaking of beginnings, it is safe to say that music has been a part of my life since my toddler years. It was at 4 years old when my mother noticed I could sing on pitch and then forcefully made me sing Whitney Houston's "I will always love you" at her wedding reception.

The 4 year old me just wanted to watch Edward Scissorhands, eat disgusting amounts of Cheetos, and draw on my Doodle Bear.

It wasn't until I was 10 when I was introduced to my very first musical instrument in school: The Flute. No, not the recorder, guys.  It was like the day I discovered ice cream with Nutella. It just made sense.

Throughout high school, I was blessed to be part of a strong music program with two great teachers: Stephen Pankiewicz and Sean "Doc" McInnis. I owe my music career to them. By grade 12 I was playing more than 4 instruments at a strong level (flute, voice, and the sax family) and knew this was my calling. Did you know if you place your foot in the bell of your baritone sax, the low "A" will resonate as if saying "I'M COMING OUT. I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW". I told you, I owe everything to my high school music teachers.

 When I decided to pursue a degree in music, I began serious lessons with Richard Linke, a fantastic music teacher at one of the local high schools in Ottawa. His teachings had me feeling confident enough to prepare for the big bad world of University.

To be continued. (what a cliffhanger...)

Up next - my audition and University life as a music student. keep your eyes peeled and feel free to leave feedback (be nice.)


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