Thursday, September 5, 2013

Carmen feels: tired, excited and sexy

Good morning lovelies,

I am le tired. Since I am on a strict eating plan, there is no coffee in my life and if I do have a coffee, headaches and camera flashes will ensue. Yep, there is no easy way out of this zombie form.

Today I am substituting my morning shake for a poppy seed muffin, a banana, and pink lemonade tea (yes, caffeine-free. Thanks for asking).

As for Carmen rehearsals, last night was our orchestra tech and is set up like a dress rehearsal but not really a dress rehearsal. Pre-dress rehearsal? Yeah, let's go with that...
We were in full costume and makeup complete with cleavage and gypsy attitude. Here's a Vine of my wig and makeup transformation:

The first part is unfortunately muted because my phone has a vendetta against me. I am simply saying "Getting my makeup and wig done for Carmen":

Why am I wearing a wig if I have very long dark blonde hair? No idea.  I was still wigged because it is still too light and it is not common in the Spanish 1830's. There are a couple of blonde women who don't have a wig so I am just as perplexed as you are. Vent over.  At least I get to be a sexy brunette five more times! Here is a still of my makeup and wig:

More photos and videos in full costume with the cast coming soon!

For now, I'm off to stare at a computer screen and wallow in self pity. Kidding, I might just fall asleep on my keyboard instead. See ya'll later.

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