Sunday, September 1, 2013

Surviving tech week for Bizet's Carmen

Opera has taken over my life. Don't worry, it's a good thing.

Our current production with Opera Lyra Ottawa is George Bizet's Carmen. Man oh man I love this opera. - here is info on the show and full cast. Check it out!

I am positive you've heard the Toreador aria or even the famous Habanera in a Reese's Pieces commercial or something:


If you haven't even heard a snippet of this music, you might as well leave now. Kidding, just kidding!

We have just finished our rehearsals in the smaller hall and will be moving into Southam Hall (main stage of the National Arts Centre) tomorrow for tech week with costumes and makeup! I play a gypsy/cigarette girl on stage and dance the occasional flamenco complete with major flirting tactics. I also forgot to mention that I get to smoke a grape flavored electronic cigarette. Basically, we get to be sexy bitches on stage and I am loving it. Our full look is complete with a corset, long curly hair and many peeks of leg and cleavage. Pictures will ensue very shortly, I promise! In the meantime, here's an idea:

Throughout the course of the week, I will be posting photos of my character transformation and updates on the show's progress.

See ya'll later!

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