Thursday, December 12, 2013

How important is it to warm up?

Where do I start...

Lovelies. It's been awhile. I have neglected you for over a month and I suck for it. 

Hopefully this will make you feel better.


Told you. Want to know where I am?  I am currently observing an Aikido class (I kid you not) and they just finished the goldfish warmup. They are literally moving like fish out of water on the ground and I am struggling to hold in my hyena of a laugh, complete with immaturity.
It's moments like this that make me reflect (despite my struggling to laugh hysterically) on why we do these exercises and how they are helpful to us, especially in a choir rehearsal. 
As silly as we look doing them, it is 100% necessary.

Talk to any singer who experienced not warming up before singing and ask if they felt like shit immediately afterwards. All the time. Every. Single. Time.

Take my Sunday afternoon gig at a restaurant as an example. It was a simple jazz gig that included some high vocals and rusty flute playing. I was le tired and barely got any sleep the previous day. 
If I wanted to perform this gig properly, I'd have to throw in some Tai Chi and breathing excercises. I can tell you right now, my spectators thought I was about to go Kung fu on their ass. I may have looked utterly ridiculous, but it was worth it and I sang like a champ, sort of.
Panting like a puppy is a routine I regularly use in our choir warm ups. Ask me if I care who's looking.

So, fellow vocal friends, please warm up. Your inner panting puppy will surface eventually and you can thank me later.

On another note, it's -20 in Ottawa and I can't wait to go out and play in the snow.