Sunday, January 4, 2015

10 better things to do backstage


Hello darlings. I swear, the gap between each post is getting larger and I hate it as much as you do.

It has been a very busy few months with my choir as well as finishing up the production of Puccini's Tosca with Opera Lyra Ottawa. So naturally, other things were put on the back burner.

 Tosca was certainly a fun ride working with the wonderful stage management and principals, however the chorus had very little to do on stage. The "Te Deum" was certainly worth being in this production and I still get chills thinking about it.

I can assure you we are professional and quite strict with chorus etiquette backstage. However, there are times where you have so much time to kill that listening to the beautiful music before you is simply not enough. 

Well, we experimented and it got weird (in the best way possible). 

Here are a few things that can keep you and your fellow choristers entertained in between acts:

1 - Figure out weirder ways to applaud after a grand aria. Here are some we covered:

2 - Perfect rolling your Rs...or try to. 

And when you get SO GOOD, you can trololo like a champ. 

3 - Practice yoga on the floor - NOT in your costume. The wardrobe department will KILL you!

4 - Organize the pepper packets in the theatre cafeteria.

5 - Take endless amounts of photos backstage - obviously.

6 - Nap or connect with social media in that comfy chair reserved for the stage movers. 

7 - Master your air violin and conducting skills.

8 - Practice that Gone With The Wind kiss with your hand...or if you're lucky, a close friend. Oh my. 

9 - Attempt to get photobombed by stage management. 

And finally...

10 - Photobomb EVERY one of your friend's pictures. As you can see, I have been perfecting this skill since 2009. 

 Carmen, 2013. 

 Lucia di Lammermoor, 2011. 

 Tosca, 2014. 

Eugene Onegin, 2009. 

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this post and I promise I will get my act together for the next one. 


Blonde in the Choir

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