Saturday, January 17, 2015

Big decisions for a simple gal.

Because life chores.

Hello my dear friends. Today I am drinking my first coffee in two years and am surprisingly not on the floor with caffeine shakes and muttering gibberish...yet.

After my recent and long overdue comedic post "10 better things to do backstage", I feel it time to update you on what I have been up to.

I recently came across my dear friend's recent blog post on New Year's resolutions as a musician and was compelled to brainstorm my own resolutions not only for this year, but my life as a whole.  

Here is her blog - Tessa-Tura Check her out!

- I'm pretty sure I was sitting on my bean bag chair, eating Cheetos and sobbing over The Notebook at her age. 

So onto more serious things...

I've had to make some big decisions these past few months and it has been quite the transition. 
On Thursday, I said goodbye to a group of badass coworkers at University of Ottawa. I've gained some amazing friends and will surely miss their dirty humour and insult battles. It's not everyday you run into people who are so laid back with each other they think it's totally appropriate to lift their shirt to give you a peek at their manly chest through the glass window. 

I also said goodbye to being choir manager a few weeks ago.

Goodbye to my baby, my pride and joy, my passion. 

I knew this decision needed to be made in order for me to focus on my career. Being choir manager for Ewashko Singers was a blessing but it began to deter my focus on my full time job and personal life. I loved it all. But it was time move on. 

Two doors close. One door opens. 

That door is my opportunity to grow, to excel, and to explore - and I will open it with strength and confidence. 

As I write this listening to Beck's Morning Phase album, a calmness comes over me (if you know the album, you'll know why). Big things will be happening starting next week and I need to be ready.

A new job, new choir, new apartment, new jazz quartet, and new opera are happening in a span of two months all the while fitting in a social life, yoga, and a somewhat regular sleep schedule. 

Needless to say, I have this crazy schedule because it's normal for me. Prepping and practicing music 3 times a week? Totally normal. Work all day, rehearse all night? Bring it. So naturally, on my days off I am the laziest person because I fucking deserve it.

In a nutshell...big girl decisions, I am ready to take you on. 

- Blonde in the Choir

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