Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My Current Music Projects

As I embarked on a new season of singing endeavours this past September, picking it back up after a very short-lived two-week summer break was as if I never stop rehearsing! 

I am busy. So damn busy that I couldn't write this post, planned in September, until December but hey, choir chores! 

So here is a little update to my current music projects and goals I plan to meet this for 2016-2017 season:

Newly-formed Aella Choir

I've never sung in a full fledged women's choir but joining this brand-spanking-new group was a great decision from the beginning. What started as a simple July 1st gig, turned into something incredibly special between these wonderful, talented women. 
We have SO much fun rehearsing and putting out new ideas for repertoire and concerts (including video game themes!). It really is the epitome of community with this 13-voice group. 

Under the direction of founder, Jennifer Berntson, we often rehearse without a conductor, forcing us to move and communicate as one. We also often switch voice parts to spice things up!
Want to learn more? Check out our recent Aella blog  and browse our concert season!

The ever-growing Capital Chamber Choir

My primary focus this year is CCC - who has a big season of choral projects lying ahead, including the recording of our first all-Canadian choral album that wrapped up in October! This season, we are pushing the envelope with even more complex yet incredible repertoire from Baltic and Scandinavian composers such as Tormis, Rautavaara, Praulins, Esenvalds, and also exploring more works by our favourites: Whitacre, Lauridsen, Paulus, and Gjeilo. 

We are also revamping the CCC website and broadening our exposure by collaborating in projects with other local choirs to enrich our little community, here in the 613! 

Check out our 2016-2017 season and projects!

Join in Canada's 150th festivities with "Sing Ottawa en choeur":

I have the pleasure of Chairing the Planning Committee for this new choral festival celebrating Ottawa 150th birthday through song. Cantata Singers of Ottawa have teamed up with Capital Chamber ChoirOttawa Regional Youth Choir, and Ottawa Children's Choir to bring you a full fledged weekend festival programme highlighting many works by Canadian composers, including many local composers from Ottawa: 

This new choral festival will cover selected Canadian music across all provinces including music of Nouvelle-France as well as some insightful panel discussions with prolific choral composers, conductors, and arts administrators!
The website will be fully launched in the new year with program and ticket information so keep an eye open! 

Exploring with Jazz Lines Vocal Quartet:

We've may been on a break this fall but we will be using most of our 2017 winter exploring new jazz arrangements of our favourite songs and experimenting with more choreography and solo work! 

Music searching...always

There's never been a such a time where I was so passionate and more curious about choral music than now. So much that my Netflix Fridays have now turned into OMG-WHAT-IS-THIS-PIECE/COMPOSER-IT'S-SO-GOOD Fridays...and I am okay with that. 

I've always loved going out to choral concerts and exploring new repertoire however it's as if Podium Choral Conference (Edmonton, May 2016) sparked something in me that craves a need to go to more concerts and Friday night music searching. Nothing like a win-win situation to soothe the soul. 

'Guess it's safe to say I live and breathe choral music.  

I found this comment on Youtube via Eriks Esenvalds "Only In Sleep" and couldn't have describe my love for choral music any better:

To me, a capella choral music is the purest, most organic and beautiful form of music. No instruments, not technologies, nothing but the hearts, ears and voices we were born with. -ltyr2001 1

- Blonde in the Choir 


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